Responsible investing

Canada Life Asset Management

Our ambition

We’re stewards both of the assets that we’re entrusted with by our clients and of the financial, social and environmental systems that underpin the long-term returns our end customers expect. 

To safeguard our stakeholders’ futures and to contribute to the long-term sustainability of these systems we:

  • Embed responsible investment into our investment philosophy 
  • Incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into our investment strategy
  • Actively engage with our clients, investees, markets and the industry as a first step to delivering change in the real economy

Our strategy

We recognise that a company’s ability and willingness to address how it impacts – and is impacted by – ESG issues can have an important influence on its long-term financial performance. We also understand the effects – both positive and negative – that our investment decisions can have in a highly interconnected world. 

Along with being the steward of our clients’ funds, we also carefully select ESG data suppliers we use to analyse, invest and grow our clients’ assets. ESG considerations are increasingly important in our approach to managing risk and achieving our clients’ long-term investment goals.

UK stewardship code

Resilience & Performance

We are committed to integrating sustainable investing and ESG considerations across our fixed income, equity, real estate finance and property investment teams and our teams incorporate esg-related risks into their investment processes according to the specific characteristics of each asset class.

We strive to:

Protect & Enhance

Protect our investments business with robust ethical, risk and governance-focused business practices that are embedded into our investment decision-making process

Maintain & Review

Maintain procedures to ensure we remain prepared for legislation which informs ESG considerations


Continually monitor our investments from an ESG perspective, and put in place improvement plans and targets where needed  


Report on the performance of our investments against our ESG guidelines and targets and, if appropriate, external benchmarks

ESG integration statements by investment area:

Fixed Income

Across fixed income, we integrate ESG considerations into our investment decision-making process, which is aligned with both our investment strategy and Canada Life Asset Management’s wider responsible investment strategy.

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Across equities, we factor ESG considerations into our investment decision-making process. We actively engage with investees, leaning on the expertise and knowledge across our business as well as the tools and research provided by external data providers and resources gained from our membership in various industry groups and ESG investment forums.

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As active managers, we consider the long-term risks and opportunities of holding any given property. ESG considerations are a key part of our strategy throughout the property cycle, which starts with acquisition, continues with asset management and refurbishment/development and ends with final disposal. By doing so, we aim to significantly reduce investment and ownership project risks.

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Real Estate Finance

We focus on providing long-term, fixed-rate loans secured against good quality investment property benefiting from diversified or secure income streams backed by strong occupational demand.

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Our internal structure and processes ensure our approach to ESG is embedded throughout our business.



Using voting rights in a constructive and considered way is an essential tool for engaging with companies to effect positive change.



We take our responsibilities as long-term shareholders (equities) and debt investors (bonds) extremely seriously.


Policies & Reports

The latest policies and reports regarding stewardship, engagement and esg.

Policies & reports