Where a deep understanding of risk and reward makes the difference

We’re committed to building long-term relationships that last, whatever your clients’ end goals.

Core to our investment approach is understanding yours and your clients’ needs, so we can effectively manage the balance of investors’ risk and reward appetites.

Our key advisory products include a monthly income fund, and two ranges offering varying levels of risk exposure that are managed within specific volatility or risk parameters.

The value of investments may fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the amount invested.

Celebrating five years of income certainty

The WS Canlife Diversified Monthly Income Fund is celebrating five years in the marketplace. Providing a consistent monthly income stands at the heart of our approach.

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Our key Advisory products

WS Canlife Portfolio Fund Range

A range of multi asset solutions focused on matching investment returns to a defined level of risk. The asset allocation is adhered to so that investors can take comfort that the risk level will always stay the same.

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WS Canlife Diversified Risk Managed Range

A range of multi asset solutions designed to maximise returns while remaining within defined risk boundaries. The funds take our risk management expertise together with a tactical overlay with an aim to benefit from shorter term market trends.

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WS Canlife Diversified Monthly Income Fund

A diversified portfolio of income-generating assets, including global company shares, international government and corporate bonds, as well as property. The fund aims for a yield of a least 4% while targeting a minimum monthly income to the investor.

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Other investment capabilities

Fixed Income

Steady returns and income over the long term

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Investing in the shares of global companies

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Diversify through UK commercial property assets

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