We are specialists in real estate finance for investors seeking to purchase or refinance commercial property throughout the UK and in selective Eurozone locations. Our focus is on providing long-term fixed rate loans secured against high quality assets with diversified or secure income, either as a portfolio or single property.

In addition to our core fixed-rate product, we can also structure index-linked loan facilities, subject to suitable security backed by secure income streams with indexation. For over 30 years we have been an active property lender and have a dedicated team of investment professionals who focus solely on commercial real estate finance.

Key features

Long-term fixed rate finance
Competitive pricing
Established lender with 30 years’ track record in the UK market
Loan servicing carried out in-house by the Real Estate Finance team

Lending parameters

For investors seeking finance for the acquisition or refinance of commercial property, we offer structured debt solutions with the following terms:

  • Senior bilateral loans, secured against UK real estate, not restricted by region or sector
  • First charge over property
  • Loan terms between 5 and 35 years
  • Fixed rate facilities whereby the interest rate is locked at a margin over the corresponding Gilt Yield benchmark
  • Loans range from £20m to £150m+ secured against individual properties or portfolios
  • LTV's typically sit between 45% and 60%
  • Interest-only periods considered
  • No development finance

  • Selective Eurozone transactions considered
Please note that while Canada Life Asset Management and Canada Life Limited are regulated as stated above, property management and the provision of commercial mortgages are not regulated activities.

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