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Welcome to Canada Life Asset Management

Discretionary investors

This area of the website is intended for discretionary fund investors who are interested in investments across fixed income and equities


Our key Discretionary products


LF Canlife Short Duration Corporate Bond Fund

A diversified fixed income portfolio consisting primarily of short duration investment grade corporate debt.

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LF Canlife Global Macro Bond Fund

A macro-focused fixed income fund that aims to provide income with the potential for long-term capital growth by investing in high quality government and investment grade corporate bonds from around the world.

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LF Canlife Sterling Liquidity Fund

Designed to provide institutional investors with a high degree of capital security with daily liquidity.



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Latest features & articles

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Fund managers' roundtable on Covid-19

Our Fund Managers share their latest views on how covid-19 is affecting investments across all assets, and what that means in terms of opportunities and positions

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BBB Risk: To be or not to be

Triple-B rated corporate bonds have attracted much attention this year as they now represent more than half of the Investment Grade market. The growing number of BBBs is largely attributed to how Quantitative Easing and an unusually long period of low interest rates have made it easier and cheaper for companies to lever up and finance their businesses.

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LF Canlife Sterling Liquidity Fund: Lib and let die

We all know how events have a way of creeping up on us: birthdays, Christmas, Money Market Reform (earlier this year) and now the end of the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR).

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Other investment capabilities

Fixed Income

Steady returns and income over the long term

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Investing in the shares of global companies

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Diversify through UK commercial property assets

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