Overseeing a diverse range of long-term investment solutions

Canada Life Asset Management manages over £39.6bn* in various asset classes, including fixed income, equities, UK property, and multi-asset solutions. We do this via a range of investment products and bespoke solutions, helping our investors and their clients achieve their long-term financial goals.

* As at 31/03/24


For financial intermediaries from advisory firms, wealth managers and independent financial services.

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For discretionary investment managers, investment specialists, wealth managers from investment banks, asset managers and family offices.

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For heads of investments, from LGPS, district councils, universities or heads of investment research from consultancies.

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Real Estate Finance

For corporate borrowers seeking to purchase or refinance commercial property

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More about our business

Market insights

In our latest video, Jordan Sriharan explores what is the Volatility Index (VIX), aka the ‘fear index’? What does it measure, and does it still matter to investors?

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About us

At Canada Life Asset Management, we manage more than £39.6bn* in fixed income, equities, UK property and multi-asset solutions.

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Media Centre

Canada Life Asset Management's Media Centre is for journalists, TV presenters and all other members of the media in the UK and abroad.

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