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As of 9th October, Waystone will be the fund ACD and any reference to Link or LF should be taken as WS or Waystone.

Diversify through UK commercial property

We’ve managed commercial property in the UK, Ireland and Western Europe for over 50 years and currently manage £2.5bn* in property assets.

Our LF Canlife UK Property ACS aims to provide long-term income and capital growth through direct investment in a diversified portfolio of UK commercial property assets, including those in the retail, office, industrial and other sectors such as leisure and hotels.

*(as at 31 December 2022)

LF Canlife UK Property ACS

  • Launch date 27/10/17
  • Fund size £258.8m
  • Number of holdings 29 properties
  • Legal structure  Authorised Contractual Scheme (ACS)
  • Domicile UK

* data as at 31/12/02

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