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WS Canlife Diversified Monthly Income Fund

Q3 2023 WS Canlife Diversified Monthly Income Fund

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Market Overview

Markets generally started the third quarter in a strong position, as the consumption-led recovery continued and inflation started to show signs of slowing. But the latter half of the quarter was dominated by a massive bond sell-off. Yields on US Treasuries and long-dated government debt around the world rose to multi-year highs.

The sell-off came as core inflation failed to fall in line with headline inflation. Core inflation has been driven by wage growth and tight labour markets, keeping upward pressure on inflation. Furthermore, commodity prices had shown signs of bottoming out at the start of the quarter, but started to rise later in Q3. Oil prices, which had been trading at around $70-80 per barrel, rose to more than $90, fuelling concerns over a resurgence in headline inflation. As such, the timeline for rate cuts was extended, with central banks showing few signs of lowering interest rates imminently.

Against an unhelpful higher yield backdrop, equities have experienced weak performance, with the US market suffering its worst month of the year so far in September. Other major indices in Europe and Japan were also negative. Higher oil prices were good for the UK, with the region up during the third quarter.

Fund activity

In Q3, the fund generated a positive total return.

We added to our sterling corporate bond exposure, while trimming lower conviction positions and where the investment rationale had fallen away. Bonds added or increased over the period included Deutsche Bank, HSBC and UK Power Networks. During the quarter we also switched from Amgen 2052 to the 2043 bond, contributing toward a lower duration profile.

Having moved the investment grade sterling bond allocation materially overweight and lower average duration over the course of the year, we believe the income profile of the fund is now more secure. We also added more global equity names during the latter part of the quarter, including JP Morgan, Amazon, Cadence (US) and St James’s Place, while adding to our holdings in Microsoft and Coca-Cola.


While central banks are unlikely to raise interest rates as quickly as before, more upward pressure on inflation, particularly with oil prices so high in Q3, means higher interest rates could be here for some time. These higher rates have taken longer to feed through to consumers, with both the labour market and consumption remaining strong. But we believe that rate hikes will eventually result in slower growth.

Corporate spreads may start to come under some pressure in the coming quarters as companies struggle to pass on higher costs to the consumer and demand for goods and services slows down. We have already started to see signs that consumer demand is falling in the US, amid reduced credit availability and exhausted pandemic-era savings.

For now, we believe that equity markets remain at the mercy of bond markets as higher yields offer more attractive and less risky investment opportunities.

Although central banks remain confident that their economies will achieve a soft landing as inflation moves back to target levels within the coming years, it seems likely that the probability of success is declining. And heading towards 2024, economic growth is likely to moderate somewhat after the post-Covid bounce we have seen over the past two years.


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