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As of 9th October, Waystone will be the fund ACD and any reference to Link or LF should be taken as WS or Waystone.

Asset Management Quarterly Market Update - Q4 2021

Quarterly Market Update from Craig Rippe, Head of Multi-Asset and Andrew Morris, Product Specialist at Canada Life Asset Management

Tightening mode – How higher interest rates impact portfolios

Date: Tuesday 18th January 2022
Time: 11:00-11.35am
CPD 35 mins (unstructured)

On the agenda:

  •  Q4 2021 – how has the last quarter impacted investments?
  • Market news – The world’s major central banks have begun tightening monetary policy with further rate rises expected in 2022
  • We present our view on what typically happens across asset classes in the early stages of the tightening cycle and what we think might happen this time around
  • “The winner takes it all” – in recent years global equity returns have been driven almost entirely from a handful of companies, we examine the concentration risks in today’s equity markets
  • Economy and markets moving forwards
  • Our current view on attractive and unattractive markets
  • Fund update : LF Canlife Multi-Asset Portfolio Fund range

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Asset Management Quarterly Market Update - Q4 2021