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Stewardship and Engagement Reporting

Stewardship and Engagement

This Annual Stewardship and Engagement Report outlines CLAM’s approach during 2020 to the stewardship of the assets under its management.

Annual Stewardship and Engagement Report

Engagement Policy

This Policy explains the principles Canada Life Asset Management Limited (CLAM), has in place for the monitoring of, voting in and engagement with investee companies, ensuring compliance with Article 3g of the Shareholder Rights Directive (SRD II).

Engagement Policy

Company Engagement 

These reports show the firms that CLAM has engaged with, a summary of voting and the votes cast against management (along with the reasons why), during the periods shown.


Q3 2021 Company Engagement

Q2 2021 Company Engagement

Q1 2021 Company Engagement


Q4 2020 Company Engagement 

Q3 2020 Company Engagement 

Q2 2020 Company Engagement 

Q1 2020 Company Engagement 


Quarterly Voting Disclosure


Q3 2021 Disclosure - Summary

Q2 2021 Disclosure - Summary

Q1 2021 Disclosure - Summary


Q4 2020 Disclosure - Summary

Q3 2020 Disclosure - Summary 

Q2 2020 Disclosure - Summary

Q1 2020 Disclosure - Summary


Quarterly Votes Against Management



Q3 2021 Votes Against Management

Q2 2021 Votes Against Management

Q1 2021 Votes Against Management


Q4 2020 Votes Against Management

Q3 2020 Votes Against Management

Q2 2020 Votes Against Management

Q1 2020 Votes Against Management