Canada Life Asset Management Cuts Bond Fund Fees by up to 40%

Canada Life Asset Management (CLAM) has reduced the annual management charges (AMCs) of its active LF Canlife bond fund range.

The reductions take effect on 25th June 2021 and apply to the accumulation and income C share classes of the LF Canlife fixed income funds.

They include a 33% cut in the AMC of CLAM’s flagship LF Canlife Global Macro Bond Fund, managed by David Arnaud and Kshitij Sinha. The fund is increasingly popular with institutions and multi-asset portfolio managers seeking global, unhedged fixed income exposure across developed markets.

The AMC for the LF Canlife Short Duration Corporate Bond Fund, managed by Mike Count and Steve Matthews, has been reduced by 40% to 0.30bps. In recent months the fund has benefitted from inflows as investors seek ways to navigate potential rises in yields and interest rates.

David Marchant, Chief Investment Officer of Canada Life Limited and Managing Director of Canada Life Asset Management Limited, commented:

“These changes ensure we continue to deliver excellent value for money to customers. Canada Life Asset Management has an enormous amount of expertise to offer in managing global and single-market fixed income exposures and I am delighted that we can now provide investors in the LF Canlife funds with a compelling offering at really competitive rates.”



C share classes AMC with effect from 25/06/2021 (previous AMC in brackets)

LF Canlife Global Macro Bond Fund

0.50%             (0.75%)

LF Canlife Short Duration Corporate Bond Fund

0.30%             (0.50%)

LF Canlife Corporate Bond Fund

0.40%              (0.50%)

LF Canlife UK Government Bond Fund

0.30%              (0.50%)



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