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Stewardship and Engagement

Adding value through active management

As a global, active manager Canada Life Asset Management regularly engages with companies. We see this as a key way of delivering returns and long-term value.

It is a way to express our opinion and explain our position on key issues and on occasion highlight any concerns we may have.

Reports and Policies

Annual UK Stewardship and Engagement Report

Canada Life Asset Management Limited has been a long-term signatory of the Financial Reporting Council UK Stewardship Code 2012 (“the Code”)*.  The Code has been the driving force behind the UK framework for engaging with companies and the broader area of stewardship of customer’s assets.

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Engagement Policy

This Policy explains the arrangements that Canada Life Asset Management Limited has in place to interact with the management of the companies that it invests in.

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UK Stewardship Code

The Financial Reporting Council UK Stewardship Code 2012 (“the Code”)*, by way of its seven Principles, aims to enhance the quality of engagement between institutional investors and companies. The seven Principles, and how and to what extent Canada Life Asset Management incorporates them into our investment process, are described below.

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Our engagement is set in the context of long-term ownership and long-term value preservation and creation.

Daniel White Senior Research and Strategy Manager

*Canada Life Asset Management is currently in the process of applying to the FRC for signatory status of the UK Stewardship Code 2020.