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As of 9th October, Waystone will be the fund ACD and any reference to Link or LF should be taken as WS or Waystone.

Canada Life Asset Management launches Diversified Risk Managed Fund Range

  • The fund range offers cost-effective risk-targeted solutions delivering ongoing suitability for customers
  • Four globally-diversified profiles to help investors and advisers achieve their long-term objectives
  • Risk controlled, powered by Hymans Robertson, risk profiled by Defaqto and other leading risk profile providers

Canada Life Asset Management (CLAM) has today announced the launch of its Diversified Risk Managed (DRM) fund range as part of the refresh of the Managed Fund suite of 0-35%, 20-60% and 40-85% funds. The new fund range allows investors and advisers to choose from four different risk profiles, each with specific volatility parameters, that best fits their long-term investment objectives.

As part of the refresh, the DRM range has:

  • Moved to volatility targeting - the funds’ objectives have been amended to include volatility targeting, designed to constrain the degree to which the performance of the fund will move up and down in the short-to-medium term
  • Removed geographic and currency restrictions - the funds will now have the opportunity to invest in a wider, more diversified set of investment opportunities around the world
  • Completed the risk profile suite - an additional fund, the DRM V Fund, has been added to the risk profile suite, to ensure that customers and advisers have a full range of funds spanning all risk profiles from 3-6

The DRM fund range will be co-managed by Craig Rippe, Head of Multi-Asset, and Jordan Sriharan, Fund Manager.

Bringing together an array of expertise across Canada Life, the DRM suite will be available to investors and advisers via CLAM’s OEIC range, Canada Life’s The Retirement Account, and its onshore bond/Select Account, and accessible on a variety of investment platforms.

David Marchant, Managing Director of CLAM and CIO of Canada Life Ltd, said: “As the investment landscape has changed significantly since we launched the Managed Fund suite, we have designed the new Diversified Risk Managed range to better reflect investors’ and advisers’ needs. Leveraging the full capabilities of our Multi-Asset team and a wider set of diversified, global investment opportunities, this unified fund range allows investors to choose different levels of risk to suit their long-term objectives.

This is a major development for CLAM as we continue to enhance our investment proposition and with this fund suite available through the asset management and wealth business lines, it demonstrates the power of collaboration across the wider Canada Life business.”

Craig Rippe, Head of Multi-Asset, CLAM said: “This fund range has been designed to deliver risk-targeted solutions to clients in a cost-effective way. The fund range will be managed within defined risk boundaries and combine both strategic and tactical asset allocations. The funds will also be reviewed daily and rebalanced where required to ensure the risk profile continues to remain aligned with client objectives.”




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  1. More information on the LF Diversified Risk Managed Fund range can be found here

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