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Canada Life Asset Management Funds Achieve Green Star Status in 2021 GRESB Assessment

UK Property ACS and UK Income Annuity Property Fund score maximum points for GRESB’S management module

Canada Life Asset Management today announces that its LF Canlife UK Property ACS and UK Income Annuity Property Fund have achieved Green Star status in the 2021 GRESB Assessment, with both funds receiving maximum points for the management module on stakeholder engagement, policies, governance and reporting.

For the second year in a row, the LF Canlife UK Property ACS received 3 Green Stars, as well as an overall score of 77, improving from 73 in 2020. The latest assessment marks four years of consecutive improvement with the fund now ranked 4th out of 14 in the UK Diversified Office/Retail benchmark, sitting ahead of the UK and global peer average.

The Canada Life IA Fund achieved a similarly high overall score of 71/100 - an increase from 63 in the first year, and above the peer average. The score results in the UK Income Annuity Property Fund being awarded 2 Green Stars. It also places the fund in the top half of participants, with an overall rank of 29th out of 79 in the UK Core Tenant Controlled benchmark.

GRESB facilitates global ESG benchmarking for real estate assets, giving investors the ability to compare ESG performance and providing asset managers with a clear structure within which they can work towards improving their ESG profiles. This year 1,520 property-related funds submitted GRESB real estate survey assessments, a 24% increase on last year.

David Priddis, Corporate Real Estate Director, Canada Life Asset Management: “We are delighted to have achieved Green Star status for the LF Canlife UK Property ACS and UK Income Annuity Property Fund in the latest GRESB Assessment. This comes at a critical time when there is increased focus on ESG, net-zero initiatives and public policies. The GRESB Assessment raises the bar for ESG practice across the industry due to the extensive and granular examination of policies and performance at a portfolio and underlying asset level.

“To achieve scores above the industry average and full marks in the management provides independent validation of our ESG policies, practices and performance, reinforcing Canada Life Asset Management’s position as a trusted partner in the sustainability space.”

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