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Welcome to Canada Life Asset Management

Institutional investors

This area of the website is intended for institutional investors only who are interested in
fixed income investing or property


Our key Institutional products


LF Canlife Sterling Liquidity Fund

Designed to provide institutional investors with a high degree of capital security with daily liquidity. 

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LF Canlife UK Property ACS

Aims to deliver long-term income and capital growth through a diversified portfolio of actively managed UK commercial property.

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Property and road to sustain Asset Management 432X216

Property and the road to sustainability

How the pressure is on for landlords to future proof their buildings in the 2020's.

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Investing in a zero-rate world

The key question is whether interest rates will remain positive. How do you manage a money market fund in these conditions?

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Data Asset Management 432X216

Rebooting property in a new age of disruption

The implications for real estate are intensely profound everywhere in the world: covid-19 has emphasised how important placemaking is not only to office space and other commercial property, but to all of society.

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Other investment capabilities

Fixed Income

Steady returns and income over the long term

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Investing in the shares of global companies

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Diversify through UK commercial property assets

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Sales Director - Institutional

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